bazbax (foobarbazbax) wrote,

Weekend update

Busy weekend:

  • Friday night Kieran and I had horrible Chinese food at 18th and Mission. We each at about four bites and left the rest.
    • I urged Kieran to start a citizen's action group to "fix" muni. He has a lot of great ideas.
    • I'm dog sitting, so Rio, Sam's Dog, chilled with me and Kieran. I took him back Sat. Night.
  • I got my Arduino Friday.
    • I'm building a a 16x16 grid of 6" x 6"x 6" RGB cubes. Each one will work similar to this
    • I designed a protocol for talking to the grid, example here
    • Currently working with YACC to write a grammar for parsing that which I'll upload to the arduino
  • Helped Julia put together a patio heater. It's fancy. Looking forward to using it at her next dinner party.
  • Saw the ANSI art exhibit. Met my old school IRC friend (circa 1996), tHe_pUnk there. Very fitting. He's a great guy and we're still friends. I also met Steve there. He has a nice write up.
  • went to the range with three guys from work. [pics on flickr]
  • had a late lunch with Mike Schilli at Chow on Market and Church. Great place.
  • got yet another ($40) parking ticket for street sweeping. I thought I had to move it by 9am, it was 6am. That's it: I'm selling my car. It gets posted on CL tonight.
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